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CRM 2011 Rollup 4 Released

Microsoft has released Rollup 4 for CRM 2011. This rollup has already been applied to their CRM 2011 Online environment and will be released on windows update Sept 27,2011.
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CRM: Disable Notes via javascript on the form

Here’s a script that I have used for a while now to disable notes on a form.  Typically I would use this on the disabled form of an entity in which we do not want further notes to be added (for whatever reason). function DisableNotes() { var iframe = document.getElementById("notescontrol"); if (iframe.readyState == 'complete') { //Hide 'Create a New Note' link var notesButton = window.frames[0].document.getElementById('newNoteButton');"hidden"; var NotesTable =...
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Training Resources for Microsoft Dynamics 2011

Hello, Recently the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team blogged about training resources which are available.  Thought I would share for those who haven’t seen it yet: View article…
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CRM 2011 – Plugin triggering off Associate message

There aren’t many examples of how to trigger off an Associate message out in the wild and it’s a little different than in CRM 4.0. The main difference here is that you can’t register for an Associate event against a specific entity, it’s against ALL entities so your code has to handle ensuring you are executing for the correct entity inside the message.  This works both OnPrem and Online. Below I have an example where I check the target and the relationship for their logical names and schema names: // Get Primary Entity EntityReference target =...
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Handy matrix for determining which method is best when implementing custom logic

Here’s a handy way to determine which method (Plug-in, Workflow, Dialog) would best fit:
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