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FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie not working in IE but works in other browsers

Just found a fun little “feature” with setting cookies in   Apparently there is a restriction when setting a cookie on a domain with an underscore in the name.  Not entirely sure WHY however since it appears that all other browsers do not have an issue. Testing confirms what accessing the site via IP address sets the cookie correctly or using a different domain name for the server.   Just strange.
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Populate a Lead via website form (CRM 4.0 IFD)

Hello, Every so often I am asked how to go about capturing a contact web form and pushing it’s data into CRM as a Lead for an Internet Facing Deployment(IFD). What’s different when connecting to the IFD CRM is that we need to make use of the ticketing system in the web service.  As you’ll see in the code snippet below I’m generating a ticket that I use to authenticate and apply it to the token for future calls. // For an IFD site we need to connect to the CrmDiscoveryService and retrieve a ticket // Note the AuthenticationType attached to the Token below. ...
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Consuming a blog RSS using LINQ to XML

Hello, While setting up our corporate Blogs I was tasked with displaying our blog RSS feeds on the corporate domain.  I’ve previously accomplished this in by parsing the feed and displaying the results however this time I wanted to try something a little different. Recently I’ve started to use LINQ a lot in my development efforts to rapidly query data that otherwise would require more plumbing.  While surfing across the blogosphere I came across the following post from Scott Guthrie.  This was pretty much what I was looking for with the exception of adding some data caching. The...
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