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Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for $39.99

Microsoft is offering an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $40 for a limited time. The upgrade process starts off with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to help ensure you have compatible hardware / software. It is a digital download and you can create installation media (DVD/USB) from the download if you want.  Also, you don’t have to upgrade immediately, it can be installed at a later date if you are cautious of being an early adopter.   Also, pick up the Windows Media Center Pack for free with...
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Ran into this issue today with ADFS certificate rollover

Of course this happens on a weekend when I am doing a data migration!  Ahh life’s little challenges.
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CRM 2011 Rollup 4 Released

Microsoft has released Rollup 4 for CRM 2011. This rollup has already been applied to their CRM 2011 Online environment and will be released on windows update Sept 27,2011.
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CRM 2011 Online Checklist

Thought I would share a link to an excellent article by Donna Edwards regarding the CRM 2011 online checklist.  This is a great checklist for clients (users) to review to get the best performance / compatibility out of their CRM online system. I’ve saved a copy of the document here as well for...
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New Site, New Host, New Location!

After some much needed relaxation and driving from Vancouver across Canada I’m back in the Toronto area again! As you can see I have now consoidated my previous blog and website into a single new location with a new design.  I think it looks and feels much nicer then the admittedly dated version on the old site. I’m also looking forward to adding some interesting new content / articles now that I am settled.
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