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Error unregistering 4.0 plugin after upgrade to 2011

Hello, I’ve recently come across an issue where we had a third-party plugin that would not unregister using the registration tool or the web interface. The error message inner details are as follows: System.IO.FileLoadException: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has experienced an error After much trial and error, and with some help from Microsoft support we were able to determine that the server did not have Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.dll (x64) installed in the GAC. Now I won’t go into the obvious question of why it needs to have the old SDK dll in order to unregister a plugin (the new one is supposed to be...
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CRM 2011 – Disable the CRM for Outlook button

I get asked frequently how to disable this.  The relevant documentation can be found here:
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CRM 2011 – Left Navigation label changes not visible by users

Hello, I had a case recently where a client had made changes to the left navigation categories on a form (contact) where they renamed items such as “Sales”, “Service”, “Marketing” and re-purpose them but non-admins were unable to see the changed labels. This was due to a missing security role setting: ISV Extensions, under Customization:   Hopefully that helps someone else avoid wasting a lot of time and frustration on such a simple...
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CRM 2011 Developer Toolkit

Microsoft has released their Developer Toolkit for CRM 2011 and Visual Studio 2010.  It includes support for developing plugins, workflows and web resources. You can download it as part of the Rollup 5 SDK
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CRM 2011 Rollup 5 Released

Rollup Update 5 has been released.  It includes the addition of some new social media capabilities. Download it here.
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